If you are looking for a CPA firm that truly understands the unique nature of the Midwestern agriculture and crop production industry, look no further than LattaHarris. LattaHarris is one of the leading providers of professional services for the agricultural industry due to 50 percent of our staff dedicated to this sector, and clients located across the Corn Belt in 11 states.

Why should agriculture clients consider LattaHarris?

  • We are intimately familiar with your key performance indicators such as crop inputs, land, fuel and labor, and machine costs because we know that is important to you.
  • Exclusive to LattaHarris clients is an accrual bench marking study, giving you valuable information about your business and how it compares to your peers.
  • Your challenges are understood by us. Common concerns are the lack of profitability, understanding cost of production, staying competitive and managing equipment costs, for instance. We provide our clients with strategies to address their concerns, manage growth, and the eventual transition of the farm onto the next generation.
  • Due to coaching from our professionals and staff, some of whom are active farmers, you will understand your financial information, enhancing your ability to manage and control your production enterprises.
  • You will be working with proactive, knowledgeable staff that continually learn and speak about the financial analysis of farms at seminars and other key agricultural events. Some of which are attended by producers as well as those in the financial industry.

Agriculture Services

Below is the list of the most common services LattaHarris offers agricultural clients. However, if you are interested in a service not on this list, please inquire as we may be able to assist you or refer you to one of our partners.

  • Business valuations
  • Accrual and managerial accounting
  • Data analysis
  • Management information systems development and support
  • Accounting technology assessment
  • Staff training
  • Accounting support
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cost of production
  • Projections/forecasts
  • Payroll support
  • Succession and transition planning
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Annual meeting facilitation


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