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"After graduating from college I started working at a Fortune 500 company in an accounting rotation program which promised the world – 3 months later I watched half my department get laid off, was expected to help train outsourcing staff and had no idea if I would have a job in a year.  I was just another cog in the machine and not a valued employee, essentially invisible."

"I can say without a doubt LattaHarris has been the complete opposite – this firm greatly values their employees and the hard work and effort we put forth to help our clients.  There is visibility, transparency and a true “tone at the top” from our partner group, which is extremely refreshing.  The partners take great interest in the professional development of their employees and helping us achieve our professional goals."

"I see something new almost every day and always have new challenges to tackle which keeps me excited to come into work (even on Saturdays during busy season)."

Greg, Iowa City Office 


"I love working for LattaHarris, LLP because we are so family oriented. Everyone agrees that while our work is important, our family comes first. That along with a flexible work schedule during the off season make for a great work environment."

Lindsay, Toledo Office


"I started with LattaHarris, LLP in the spring of 2010 as a tax intern, while I was attending UNI. I loved that I did not have to take a semester off, and could still get some tax experience, which is unusual in the accounting world. The following summer I did an internship at a large corporation and it was there I realized I did not want to be just another number doing monotonous tasks; I wanted to help people."

"I just finished my 8th full year with the firm, 10th tax season, and can honestly say I love what I do. In 8 years, I have gone from intern, to entry level staff, to now reviewing our staff’s work, consulting with clients and helping recruit new talent to the firm. I really enjoy mentoring our new staff and interns, because I have literally been in their shoes and can give them tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years here."

"I am thankful the firm has allowed me to grow my career, at a pace I set, which as a mom of a 3 year old, is important to me. Although, of all things LattaHarris, LLP, interacting with my clients is one of my favorite parts. Whether it’s tax consulting, payroll assistance, financial statement preparation, helping loved ones manage estate administration (to ease their burden while they’re still grieving), or just being a listening ear, the feeling of accomplishment from helping a client can’t be beat."

Mackenzie, Grundy Center Office


"I like working here because I have some awesome co-workers.  When I was going through chemo last tax season, every single one of them were supportive of me.  They brought me little gifts and even took up a collection to help with my bills.  I cannot say enough about how great our team is."

"I’ve had many success stories over the years but one of my favorites is when I was able to explain the benefits of taking out an IRA to a single lady which not only got her the IRA deduction but also the saver’s credit.  By the time we were done, her refund was enough to make the IRA contribution so with proper timing she was able to get the refund before April 15th and didn’t have to come up with any cash out of pocket. She thanked me multiple times because she did not think she would ever be able to start a retirement fund on her limited income.  Now she makes this part of her annual tax planning."

Lori, Washington Office


“I enjoy working at LattaHarris because of the great work life balance and ability to help small businesses.  For a public accounting firm, LattaHarris allows employees to work around things they want to do in their personal lives including half-day Fridays in summer, paid-time-off, and flexible workdays at certain times.  The clients we serve are mostly small businesses, family businesses, and entrepreneurs.  Having these types of clients allows for us to perform meaningful work for clients who appreciate and truly need our help.”

Vance, Tipton Office


“Having worked for only one employer since college, I believe the reason I have worked for LH for 17 years is due to the variety projects I have been assigned to along with staff members and clients that have been amazing to work with.  I have worked my way from being a staff accountant assisting with bookkeeping/payroll/ and tax return preparation to being a senior accountant with client and staff responsibilities.  Recently, a president of a nonprofit organization retired after serving on the board of directors for many years, and he said his greatest accomplishment was bringing the organization’s nonprofit tax-exempt status up to date with the IRS.  I assisted him with this long and tedious project, and I was delighted to see that he was just as proud of the accomplishment as I was when the IRS noted the organization’s status was reinstated. 

Philip, Washington Office


“I like working for LattaHarris because they are very flexible with my schedule. They have always worked with me to be able to be a mom as well as an administrative assistant. We also have had some family health issues in the last few weeks and the partners have gone above and beyond to give me the time needed to tend to family matters. This is appreciated and worth more to me than a salary.”

Daneen, Toledo Office 


“For me, working here has been a perfect fit over the years. LattaHarris provides quality service at a reasonable price while still maintaining the “small firm” feel. This has always been important to me. LattaHarris has encouraged my professional development and advancement by providing outstanding training and leadership. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunities to develop wonderful relationships with clients, co-workers and the community during my time here.”

Mike, Iowa City 


LattaHarris, LLP CPAs and consultants, was formed in 1981, in Washington, Iowa. Since that time the Firm has expanded and now includes a staff of approximately eighty people with offices in Cedar Rapids, Durant, Grundy Center, Iowa City, Richland, Sigourney, Toledo, Tipton, and Washington.

We offer a wide range of professional services to closely held businesses and individual clients throughout the Midwest. Services include accounting, and bookkeeping, consulting, business valuations, tax planning and compliance services, succession planning, and more.

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